Tuesday, February 19, 2013


You know how when you're young, the world can be anything you want it to be? It can be flat, it can be your gateway to fantasy lands or it can simply be a constant reminder that gravity can seriously hurt. I've just been wondering...at what point do we forget those things? The simple things. The things we love. Everyone has something they wanted more than anything when they were kids and many people manage to hold on to that for a long time, some people even get what they wanted, but most leave it behind. More often than that people are decimated by life and its persistence on turning us all into servants of its continuous cycle. We all make our mistakes and pay our dues, but why can't we get past them?

Ask yourself this question. When did it become my objective to trip over ground that I've already covered? I'm talking to Christians here. You've been forgiven! And forgiveness, I might add, is not something to take lightly, because anyone who's lived knows that in life, forgiveness is hard to come by. Doesn't that make you glad God isn't stubborn or unloving like we are?

To those of you who aren't Christians. Mistakes aren't made to dwell on, they're made to learn from. Life is too short to miss the beautiful wonders God has laid out for you just because you want to beat yourself up over things you can't change. As a line from one of my favorite movies says, “We are intrepid, we carry on.” I encourage you, get to know who God is. He loves you more than you could begin to imagine.

So, now I come to this. What is it that you want more than anything? What have you wanted ever since you picked up that stick as a kid and set out to conquer the world? You see, human beings spend too much of their time trying to impress people with jobs they never wanted or plans that life made for them instead of ones that they made for life. I implore you, think about it. Who have you become? Do you like who you see when you look at yourself? Is this what God wants for you?

This is a topic I've been thinking about for a while now. All I wanted and loved when I was younger was music. All I wanted to do was to write and play and travel. Somewhere along the way I lost sight of that; amazingly with guitar still in hand. I got lost, and music and I became strangers instead of friends.

I know God has something for me and my future plans for music, or should I say His future plans for His music. This time I'm not giving up. Perseverance

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