Monday, March 11, 2013


Flowers can't blossom in the dark.  To live a life in darkness is one of the greatest tragedies.  A rose is one of the most beautiful flowers ever created, but it's life depends on the sun and water and oxygen it breathes everyday.  It needs care and love and protection.  It is so very delicate yet its beauty is unwavering.  There is a reason why this flower is used in almost every sappy love movie to date and it goes beyond just pleasantries.  A rose gives the message that despite my weakness I'm going to be strong and I'm going to be beautiful because I was made that way.  To give one to your lover is to portray that meaning and that love to him/her.  But why do we have so many people who are dying?  Why is there a world full of withering beauty?  It cripples my heart when I see the absence of love in people.  A flower can't grow if you don't care for it.  So so simple...

A father not caring for his daughter, a husband not caring for his wife, a son not caring for his mother, a boyfriend not caring for his girl.  Why?  These flowers are dying because of their neglect and they're screaming for affection.  An affection that seems virtually unattainable to them, but it's not.  In fact, it is very attainable.  It's just ahead of them, if they'd only see it.  If they could just see that God is reaching out, that he is cradling them in his arms each and every day.  He has always loved them...He has always loved you, and no matter what you may think about yourself it isn't going to change the masterpiece that was created when He made you.  God's son came to bring you from darkness into light, so you wouldn't have to wilt anymore.  He steadies your instability and he wants to dance the most beautiful dance with you if you'd just let him.  Let Him dance with you.  Let Him pull you out of that darkness that you've lived in for so long.  Allow Him to show you the true beauty that He made you to be.  In that you will find your strength to blossom.

"Blossom for me rose
You're the picture of my love
Blossom for me rose
Stretch out underneath the stars
And when tomorrow comes
I will hold you up"

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